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In the News

The mobility sector of the communications industry is exploding. Here are a few of the articles that reflect the dynamic nature of the market in which Rova competes.

June 15, 2006
Enterprise Remote-Access IPsec VPN Adoption In 2006

by Robert Whiteley with Benjamin Gray, Ellen Daley, Christine E. Atwood

"… remote-access IPsec VPN adoption remained relatively stable since 2005. We found that business services is the leading vertical for full deployments today - but if we include active rollouts and partial deployments, manufacturing and media, entertainment, and leisure are farthest along in deploying remote-access IPsec VPNs. The manufacturing and media, entertainment, and leisure verticals are also the most interested in procuring remote-access IPsec VPNs as a managed service over the next three years."

April 25, 2006
Managed Mobility Support Is Getting Attention

by Brownlee Thomas, Ph.D. with Ellen Daley, Christine E. Atwood

"Until just two or three years ago, employees who traveled often for work mostly did their own shopping for mobile devices and service plans, and expensed them. IT support was limited - allowing email and personal information management (PIM) synchronization - and the primary or only remote-access technology provided was dial-up. Today, many companies centralize mobile device and services purchase and support, and IT now supports a variety of broadband technologies for remote access, including Wi-Fi and cellular data. Firms with international operations are outsourcing their global remote-access services to providers that offer foreign Wi-Fi and 3G access in major cities. The next step will be for service providers to integrate managed mobile services into their global remote-access solutions. Best practices for companies that have many mobile workers include evaluating emerging mobility support services to help reduce remote support and service costs, and improving end user experience and productivity."

April 6, 2006
IT Supports More Remote-Access And Mobile Technologies

by Brownlee Thomas, Ph.D. with Ellen Daley, Christine E. Atwood

"To enhance and ensure competitive edge, most corporate IT groups now support a larger mix of fixed and mobile broadband technologies that let employees easily - and securely - access email, calendars, common applications, and corporate information from wherever they happen to be. To achieve the right balance between reduced risk and employee productivity optimization, firms need to centralize their mobility technology as well as services procurement and consider outsourcing."

December 7, 2005
Management Update: Predicts 2006: New Wired and Wireless Enterprise Communications Services Emerging
by Phillip Redman, Martin Gutberlet, Stephanie Pittet, David Neil

"Global telecommunications is rapidly changing with new wireless technologies, such as WiMAX (a family of protocols) and high-speed wireless data, emerging. Old wired data technologies, such as frame relay, are vanishing. "

November 8, 2005
Remote-Access Market Is Growing in Europe

by Lisa Unden

"Remote access will affect at least 37 percent of Western Europe's full-time employees by 2010. Enterprises and service providers should start to take advantage of remote access today to fulfill its potential for tomorrow."

September 22, 2005
Mobile Workforce Risks Trigger Remote Access Spending

by Larry Velez with David Metcalfe, Robert Whiteley, Lizet Menke

"Firms need to take action to deal with the rising number of mobile employees needing to remotely access company applications in a corporate environment facing tighter fiscal and regulatory compliance constraints…Firms exhibit a preference to build these solutions rather than contract with a managed service provider. This do-it-yourself attitude…indicate(s) that companies are planning new infrastructure investments to mitigate security vulnerabilities that could be construed as compliance risks. Firms will use the increased budgets to augment authentication and authorization, centralize security policy configuration and management, and integrate faster with future Web applications."

June 2004
IP VPNs Ready for Take Off

By Tara Seals

"Rova, whose reseller partners include Qwest Communications International Inc. and AT&T Corp., also addresses IP VPN management issues…including how to deploy cheaply, how to ensure proper use, how to provide a varied array of services "and, most importantly, how to accomplish these things without eliminating the cost savings the VPN was designed to provide," says Joe Bronowich, CEO of Rova.

The platform-agnostic Rova Enterprise is a remote access management system that layers on top of VPN solutions and takes care of ongoing support, network/access demand reduction, reporting and data, software updates, SLA audits and more, via a user-friendly interface. The company says Rova (Enterprise) can cut deployment cost by as much as 90 percent, and it can be customized for end users-points …" <read more>