Enterprise Mobility Management Platform for Carriers

Announcing ROVA 2.0!

Turnkey Enterprise Mobility Management Platform for Carriers


Add value to your network and keep your enterprise customers happy. All in one carrier-grade, brandable turnkey package.

MDM - IoT - Mobile Hotspots - Laptops & Desktops - Security - Connection Management - Cost Controls…

Enterprise customers are faced with many challenges.  Their workforce is demanding new tools and services.  Their management is demanding better security and protection from hackers and data loss.  Their budgets are slimming and their staffs are being trimmed.  They need a carrier partner who can do it all for them.

ROVA's proven, full-featured Mobility Management platform can help you be that partner.  Our easily installed and integrated multi-tenant product can be rapidly white-labeled for your enterprise customers, providing them with a suite of security and productivity tools unmatched in the industry.  Our scalable, flexible platform provides you with plenty of margin to generate additional revenues or simply bundle with your other products for competitive retention. 

ROVA has done this successfully for several of the biggest carriers on the planet.  Contact us to see to see how it can work for you!




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Platform Features

mobile device management

ROVA offers a cutting-edge suite of mobile device management tools for enterprises, servicing iOS, Android, Microsoft, Linux variants, and other platforms.  You'll be able to offer features that compete with and exceed any leading MDM platform, at a fraction of the cost.


laptop, tablets and desktops

ROVA's legacy is in laptop and desktop management, and we retain our lead in that area, with a combination of the newest tools and techniques for Windows and Macintosh devices as well as our proven proprietary technologies.  Your customer can manage all of these devices and their smartphones in one place.  Employee leaving?  Remove enterprise data from all their devices with one automated process!

oem additions

ROVA's MDM features also include partnerships with the leading device OEMs to offer the hundreds of additional features that are available for their devices.  Our deep dives with their APIs are available to you in a customizable way right out of the box.


purposed devices

ROVA's platform uses leading edge techologies from Google and Apple integrated with our proprietary technology to easily "purpose" devices so they can be secured for channeled uses like kiosks, fleet devices, educational institution tools and more.  Our customers have found this to be a great way to generate new lines and accounts.  No coding required!

personal hotspot management

ROVA invented remote management of personal hotspots and our intellectual property is used by many of the leading hardware manufacturers in the space already.  This makes it very easy for you to allow your enterprise customers to manage thousands of them easily, without ever needing to depot the device.  You can even integrate seamlessly with endpoints so only your chosen devices can connect and use service.


Our "Events and Actions" infrastructure allows enterprise administrators to create automated events such as quarantining, notification, or security remediation 24/7 to ensure certain policies remain in force when the support staff is not available.  Virtually any combination is possible!


In so many and such important ways, then, do the planets bear witness to the earth’s mobility.
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