Enterprise Mobility Management Platform for Carriers

What is ROVA?

A powerful portal.

Clients for every OS.

A one-stop shop for enterprise customers and consumer offerings.

With ROVA, you get it all. Instantly.


Unique, POWERFUL multi-tenant portal

The ROVA portal is extremely flexible and customizable without any coding necessary. All “look and feel” aspects, including branding, layout, menus, and other items can be changed easily by an administrator at any time. It’s is fully branchable and multi-tenant so each customer has their own secure sandbox - and your reseller partners can have their own with their customers branched underneath in a single instance!

Our “Privileges” feature ensures that each customer only sees the products they have contracted for or been given access to, and can only manage devices they are authorized to.

mobile broadband management

ROVA offers a cutting-edge suite of mobile device management tools for enterprises, servicing iOS, Android, Microsoft, and other platforms.  You'll be able to offer features that compete with and exceed any leading MDM platform, at a fraction of the cost.

support for all operating systems

Out of the Box functions for ROVA include:

• Full featured MDM for all OSs
• Clients for Android
• Clients for iOS
• Clients for MS Windows
• Clients for Mobile Broadband Devices (OEM pre-Deployed)
• Runtimes for IoT devices on multiple OSs

You get all this, day one. All clients are easily brandable.

purposed devices

ROVA's platform uses leading edge techologies from Google and Apple integrated with our proprietary technology to easily "purpose" devices so they can be secured for channeled uses like kiosks, fleet devices, educational institution tools and more.  Our customers have found this to be a great way to generate new lines and accounts.  No coding required!

easy integration and extensibility

ROVA can go up easily in your location or we can host an instance for you. We can even put a standalone instance at your enterprise, which we often do for customers with extraordinary legal restrictions on security. Regardless of where the instance sits, ROVA can integrate with any system you have for user authentication, device authentication, data exchange, billing, reporting, or any other feature. This works in multi-tenant environments as well for enterprises that want to use their own data sources.

full featured mdm

ROVA’s Mobile Device Management contains thousands of settings, including all the industry leading features and settings that our carrier customers have come to expect. This includes support for Android Enterprise, Apple Enterprise (DEP), Samsung KNOX/SAFE, and more.

“Events and actions”

Your enterprise customers may have tens of thousands of end users, or just a few — but one thing remains consistent: they cannot always be around to take action on a single device or user. ROVA’s unique “Events and Actions” feature allows admins to create automated updates of device settings from virtually any combination of data, or “events”. This one feature alone has made ROVA incredibly useful for many organizations. Ask us for more information and we’ll show you how easy it is.